About Us

Legal Upanishad Journal is a body of legal professionals who have come together to incorporate an interdisciplinary journal, the Legal Upanishad Journal. The Legal Upanishad Journal (ISSN:  2583-8059) is a Quarterly (4 Issues Per year) online Journal started in 2023, striving to promote legal research as an integral field of study.

Legal Upanishad Journal (LUJ) is open to students, academicians, scholars, and professionals in the law profession and allied fields to publish and read the content, which is published in the form of articles, blogs, case comments, research articles, etc.

The focus of the journal is socio-legal topics, and it is not limited to any one specific area of law. The journal encourages research that combines in-depth study of law with other academic fields in the present society.

Apart from Publication, Journal also offers Online Internship opportunities to Law students as Content Creators & Editors, etc.


  • Subject Area: Law and related disciplines.
  • Language: English
  • Plagiarism Limit: Upto 20 % (excluding footnotes)
  • Plagiarism Software: Turnitin
  • Publication Frequency: Quarterly
  • Accessibility: Open Access
  • ISSN (O): 2583-8059

Our website

Our website: www.lujournal.com