Call for Papers: Legal Upanishad Journal

The Legal Upanishad Journal (LUJ) [ISSN: 2583 – 8059] invites Research papers, Articles, Short Notes, Book Reviews, and Case Commentaries in any area related to law for its Volume 1 Issue 4. You can submit your manuscript via the Online Submission System by filling out the Submission form.

Kindly follow the Submission Guidelines provided and do not submit the manuscript to another journal or conference till it is in review at LUJ.

call for papers in law at Legal Upanishad Journal
Call for Papers in Law at Legal Upanishad Journal
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Subject Area: LU Journal welcomes submissions on a wide range of socio-legal topics, including all law subjects like criminal law, corporate law, constitutional law, IPR, family law, international law, ADR, and more.

Review Results: Within 3-4 days of submission.

Our Indexing Partners:

The Legal Upanishad Journal is an esteemed publication that has gained recognition in the academic community. It’s great to hear that the journal is indexed in over 8 databases, including Manupatra, Google, SJIF, IIFS, I2OR, and Citefactor. Being indexed in these databases enhances the visibility and credibility of the journal, making it easier for researchers and scholars to access and reference its content.

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Exclusive Perks for Call for Papers in Law

Enhancements to the rewards/gifts for the Top 10 authors of the issue include:
  1. Attractive rewards/gifts: The Top 10 authors will receive enticing rewards or gifts as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions.
Additional opportunities for students:
  1. Student editorship in the LU Journal: Students will have the chance to become student editors in the prestigious LU Journal, gaining valuable experience in the field of legal publishing.
  2. Publication on Legal Upanishad Blog: Top authors will be given the opportunity to publish an article on the widely recognized Legal Upanishad Blog. This blog receives over 5 lakh impressions per month, providing authors with significant exposure and visibility.
  3. Free participation in legal academic training: The Top authors will be granted complimentary access to our esteemed legal academic training program. This program offers comprehensive training and knowledge enhancement in various legal disciplines.
Benefits for all authors:
  1. Free law notes: All authors, regardless of their ranking, will receive complimentary access to a collection of high-quality law notes. These notes serve as valuable resources for furthering their legal understanding and research.
By implementing these enhancements, we aim to recognize and reward the exceptional contributions of our authors while providing valuable opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Why Publish at LU Journal?

We offer several benefits to authors who submit their manuscripts:
  1. Free DOI: We provide a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) free of cost to the author of each manuscript. This DOI helps readers easily locate and access your document through citations.
  2. E-Certificate of Publication: All authors published in each issue receive an e-certificate of publication without any additional cost.
  3. Indexed in Multiple Databases: Our journal is indexed in more than 8 databases, including Google, Manupatra, SJIF, IIFS, I2OR, and Citefactor. This ensures wider visibility and increased chances of your research being discovered.
  4. Experienced Editorial and Reviewer Board: We have an extensive and experienced editorial and reviewer board that ensures the quality and integrity of the review process.
  5. Fast Review Results: We strive to provide review results within 3-4 days, allowing authors to receive timely feedback on their manuscripts.
  6. Affordable Article Processing Charges: We offer the minimum possible article processing charges with the best services. These charges are only applicable if your manuscript is accepted for publication. There are no submission charges.
  7. Quick Publication Process: Once the processing fee is paid, the final publication is done within 1-2 days, ensuring a swift turnaround time.
We aim to provide a seamless and efficient publishing experience for authors, ensuring their research reaches a wider audience while maintaining affordability and quality.

Schedule of Call for Papers Volume 1 Issue 4

Last date for submission:30th April 2024.
Review result: Within 3-4 days of submission.
Issuance of publication certificate and DOI: Immediately after publication.
To ensure the quality of your publications, please kindly refer to the submission guidelines.